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In fact, the choice of roof colors is much larger

Our values, goals and mission


The goal of our company is to offer a high-quality service that helps to restore the former appearance of your property and increases the value of the property. We always find a suitable solution and never leave our customers in trouble. For us, every customer is important and needs a personal approach. Our customers are private individuals, companies and apartment associations. Our objects have been several large warehouses, apartment complexes, terraced houses and mansions.


About Us


The main work of our company is washing, repairing and painting roofs.  The leader of the company has long-term experience in this field.  We have restored stone, asbestos and metal roofs. To a small extent, we have covered the plank roofs with tar paint. Also has experience with bitumen roofs. These works have been carried out abroad, and now we have come to Estonia to offer our knowledge and experience. We can bring even the worst condition roof back to life, all at a much lower cost than building a new one. As additional work, we perform facade washing, terrace washing, street stone washing and protective treatment. 


Our Services:

  • High pressure washing 

  • Roof washing

  • Repairing roof leaks

  • Roof painting

  • Washing of paving stones, concrete surfaces, natural stone, gardens

  • Tinting and protective treatment of paving stones

  • Facade washing, moss control

  • Protective treatment of the facade

  • Terrace cleaning

  • Preventing mold growth in damp rooms

  • Maintenance and oiling of terraces

  • Snow removal from roofs

Work would be carried out with professional work tools, which are intended for the execution of these works. We have the knowledge to work with different materials and have completed asbestos processing training.


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