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The roof maintenance


Roofing condition there are several variants. Simple roof maintenance is cleaning the roof roof washing, with moss control. Then finding and repairing possible leaks on the roof to prevent future damage to the property. Recommended for best lasting results paint or treat the roof with a substance that protects the roof from dirt, weather, lichen and other dirt. 

Our solutions:

  • Roof washing, i.e. cleaning the roof

  • Roof cleaning and repair

  • Roof cleaning, repair, coating


Roof washing the first thing to do is to prevent the roof from being destroyed by moss and dirt. Wet moss roof dries slowly and the initial protective layer of the roof is constantly damp or wet. Moss roots break down the roofing material, which in turn can lead to leaks. Moss on the roof collects moisture and is a very big additional burden on the whole house. UV or solar radiation because of this, the original layer of paint on the roof has faded or is even peeling. Especially great damage can be caused frozen water in winter, because water gets between the cracks and expands, as a result of which the roof tile or asbestos board breaks. Non-maintenance of tin roofs can lead to rust a phenomenon that spreads at a fairly high speed. By reacting in time, we can prevent the spread of corrosion.


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Why should the roof be painted or treated with a protective agent?

  • Due to the weather and time, the roof has lost its original protective properties

  • Moss on the roof has broken the roofing material

  • Corrosion can be seen on the roof

  • The appearance of the roof is outdated

  • Paint is peeling off the roof

  • If you want to extend the life of the roof

Why must the roof be cleaned?​

  • Moss on the roof is constantly wet or damp.

  • Damp or wet moss creates mold.

  • Moss roots break down the roofing material.

  • One cubic meter of wet moss is equivalent to a ton of weight, so the roof structure is under constant load, as a result of which the structures can break.

  • A clean roof is a beautiful roof.

What do roof maintenance prices depend on?

  • From roofing material

  • Of the work that needs to be done

  • From the height of the roof

  • From the angle of the roof

  • Of the products you want to use

Why use our service?​

  • Long-term experience and knowledge of Estonia and other parts of Europe

  • The products/solutions we offer are specially developed for roofs and facades.

  • Professional tools guarantee the best result

  • We are here to help you with advice and find just the right solution for you

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