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In reality, the range of roof colors is larger than in the picture

Facade washing and cleaning


We clean your facade with our professional tools, as a result of which we achieve a bright and original appearance of the facade. Our tools help to remove the most deeply embedded dirt as well as the most stubbornly stuck moss. Each facade material has a different approach. Facade washing and cleaning is an affordable and easy way to give a property a fresh look.​

We clean and wash all types of surfaces with moss and dirt.​

  • We will come and evaluate the work being done

  • We perform the work with professional tools

  • We use soaking agents that destroy moss, dirt and mold.

  • If desired, we can perform protective treatment on the facade

  • It is possible to plaster the facade over the colors, but only if the work to be done can be carried out​


It is possible to repaint the plastered facade if there are no cracks penetrating the plaster, the plaster is not loose, the insulation material has not been damaged or moldy. Otherwise, remedial work should be carried out.

Email us for a quote, add some pictures of the work you are doing. This way we can make you a more accurate and best offer.


Why do we need to maintain the facade?

Cleaning the facade extends the life of your facade and increases the value of your property. Before we put the property up for sale, it would be advisable to carry out cleaning work. For example, plastered facades have the same problems as roofs, moss starts to break down the plaster over a longer period of time. Moss roots penetrate the plaster and moisture begins to spread between the insulation material. Consequences can be vana removal of plaster, replacement of insulation material due to moisture damage and then re-reinforcement and plastering. If you act on time, it is possible to preserve the original appearance of the facade and extend its life.

We can find three types of lichens on facades.

Green (Chlorophyta) lichen/algae mostly spread on the north side. It spreads where it is cooler and more humid, this kind of environment favors its faster growth. In most cases, light moss control is sufficient, moving away from the light surface.

Yellowish/light green lichen/algae spreads hand in hand with green lichen. We meet in places where the sun shines more often, it moves away as easily as green lichen.

Red/pinkish (Rhodophyceae) the lichen/algae spreads to the sides where the solar radiation is more intense. In most cases, the pink lichen is the hardest and is difficult to remove. Surfaces can be removed with moss control and low pressure. 

Cleaning the plastered facade

Plaster facades must not be washed with strong pressure, as the plaster layer may come off the reinforcement. Strong pressure can make holes in the plaster layer that you don't notice at first glance. You must not wash the places where the plaster is detached from the facade. We get the best result by using the right tools.Consequences: moisture damage, mold, plaster coming off the wall, cracks, fissures and holes in the wall.


In order to get a beautiful, shiny result, we need to use high-quality anti-moss products and low pressure. The plaster facade should be approached with the right tools and not with a lot of pressure.


Selectfacade washing like us, so it goes on.

Tips for the do-it-yourselfer:

  • ​Use anti-moss agents that will not damage the paint but will help the moss to move away from the plaster

  • Wait for the means to take effect.NB: read the label

  • Rinse or wash the wall with low pressure

  • Do not use too much pressure, otherwise you may damage the wall and moisture damage will occur.

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