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About Us

Varavari OÜ offers a roof maintenance service, which is primarily intended for the restoration or new processing of stone, eternite, tin, PVC, bitumen roofs. From fixing simple leaks to complete waterproofing of the roof.


Our equipment/tools include high-tech pressure washers and cleaning solutions. We also offer various pressure washing/soft washing services tailored to our field of work, such as: roof washing, facade washing, street stone cleaning, etc. 

Roof maintenance

The process of roof maintenance can depend on the specific roofing material, the condition of the roof and the need for maintenance. General activities that may include roof maintenance:

  1. Visual inspection: Before maintenance work begins, a thorough visual inspection of the roof is performed to detect possible damage, cracks, leaks or other problems.

  2. Cleaning: Roof cleaning is an important part of the maintenance process. Depending on the roofing material, this may include removing leaves, branches, dirt, mold, moss and other debris.

  3. Removal of leaves and debris: Leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated on the roof are removed to ensure that the roof drainage system is working efficiently and to prevent blockages.

  4. Mold and moss removal: Mold and moss can build up in damp places, especially shaded areas. They must be removed carefully to avoid damage to the roof material and leaks.

  5. Corrosion removal: Removing corrosion and rust from metal roofs is important to maintain the integrity of the roof and extend its life.

  6. Repairs: In the case of damage and leaks discovered during the visual inspection, the necessary repairs must be made. This may include sealing cracks, repairing stains, replacing roofing, etc.

  7. Inspection of the roofing and rainwater system: The roof covering and rainwater system are inspected to make sure they are intact and working efficiently.

  8. Applying a protective layer, paint or polyurethane membrane to the roof: In some cases, the roof maintenance process may include the application of a special protective layer or roof preservative to help extend the life of the roof and protect it from environmental conditions. This choice depends on the customer's wishes, how long the life of the roof is to be extended.


Let's give an example of how long we can extend the life of the roof with selected maintenance:

  • Roof washing: as a rule, moss starts to grow on the roof the very next day after washing, we just don't see it for the first few years.

  • Roof impregnation:extends the life of the roof by 2-4 years, depending on the geographical location. For example, whether the roof is by the sea or inland.

  • Painting the roof: ability pto increase the lifespan of the roof by 7-15 years, depending on the geographical location.

  • Covering the roof with a polyurethane membrane: we can extend the life of the roof up to 25 years 

The roof should be maintained, first of all, so that the roof lasts longer, because the replacement of the roof is already many times more expensive investment than its maintenance or restoration. The price of roof maintenance depends on the condition of the roof, the angle of inclination of the roof, the size of the work to be done and the height of the building. 

Roof cleaning

We perform moss control before roof wash and then we remove moss, oils and fats from the roof. If you wish, we will do protective treatment or process with a moss septic which prevents moss spreading and growth.

Roof repair

When repairing the roof, we use high-quality materials. In our work, we use liquid plastic, high-quality polyurethane sealants, as well as sealing tapes.  If necessary, we replace broken roof tiles and asbestos tiles.

Roof coating

When painting the roof we proceed from the roofing material, as a result of which we offer you the best paint manufacturer. Each roofing material has a different approach and product. We extend the life of your roof by 10-15 years.

Polyurethane membrane surface coverings

Roofs, balconies, concrete, tanks, etc.

Solutions for almost everything

Polyurethane surface coatings for waterproofing roofs, stopping leaks and ensuring durability, protecting against weather conditions and extending the life of the roof up to 25 years.

Hot water pressure washing

We offer a hot water high pressure washing service. If something needs to be cleaned, we will come to your aid.

Facade washing

We offer cleaning of the facade, after which it is possible to perform protective treatment or paint on the facade.

Washing of paving stones

We clean and wash street stones, driveways, parking lots. We offer protective treatment, lamination and sandblasting.

Cleaning of rainwater gutters

We eliminate blockages and clean the gutters inside and out so they last a long time.

Snow removal

We perform snow removal from the ground as well as from the roof. If snow remains on the road or is a burden on the roof, read more

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