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Cleaning paving stone

Sanding paving stone

Glazing paving stone

Washing and cleaning of street stones


Paving stones are widely used in driveways of private houses in Estonia. Just like on stone roofs, you can also find a lot of moss on street stones, fortunately, the original result of street stones can be restored with relatively easy effort. Most of the time we see lichens and weeds growing between the joints of the stones. In order for the street stones to be beautifully cleaned and the lichens to stop raising their heads from between the stones, proper moss control and cleaning work should be carried out. During the work, we will clean today the joints of open stones and the upper surface. Washing the street stones brings out the original shine of the driveway again.​

Here we give an example of how we can be helpful in cleaning street stones.

Pressure washing of cobblestones, during which moss, dirt and weeds and other dirt are removed from cobblestones. We restore the original fresh appearance of street stones. If necessary, we sand the gaps. The result is a new surface. ​

  • We treat the surface with a moss control agent and carry out pressure washing

  • As an additional service, we can glaze or simply paint the street stones

  • As an additional service, we can perform  protective treatment, during which we give the surface a layer that repels dirt and water

  • As an additional service, we can sand the joints of street stones​


It is also possible to cover the street stones with a substance that prevents moss from re-emerging within a couple of three years and allows the stone to last longer. For this we use impregnation means, which gives the stone a layer that repels water and dirt.


What does glazing paving stones mean?

Glaze for street stones is a color that helps to restore the original tone of the stones. Rather, it could be called toning, because if you want to do it, you should choose a shade close to the stones. That's how we get the best effect, because if, for example, we put a red tone on black and it should start to wear off. The black tone starts to glow under the red. Therefore, the tone-on-tone method should be considered.

The prices of street stone cleaning work depend on the customer's wishes, what exactly is desired. Simple washing works are cheaper, if you want to glaze and sand, then the price per square meter is more expensive. The size and complexity of the work will certainly add to the price.​

Write for the best offer info@varavari.eeadd some pictures and we will contact you.


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For cooperatives and companies

We can be of help cleaning parking lots and garages. In most cases, parking lots and garages have concrete surfaces where dirt and oil stains are easily visible to the eye. In some cases, oil stains and fuel stains can be recovered from the soil. It would be advisable to carry out the cleaning work in the spring, because in the winter cars bring a lot of dirt and salts into the garage. Which in turn destroy the concrete surface.

Why clean garages and parking garages:

  • Salts and dirt destroy concrete.

  • Cracks appear in the concrete where dirt and moisture can enter and the concrete breaks down faster

  • The appearance is black and dirty.

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