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Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is important above all to prevent blockages in drain pipes, which in turn helps to prevent depreciation of gutters.

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The necessity of rainwater gutters and the importance of cleanliness


Gutters are on the side of the house to drain rainwater. If there were no gutters, the water would run down from the roof along with the dirt that is on the roof. As a result, the facade can get dirty or water can flow between the walls of the house, witch in turn causes damage to the structure of the house. Mold may develop or even the facade material may come off the house.

Why must the gutter be cleaned?

It is wise to leave gutter cleaning until autumn, when the leaves have fallen from the trees. In the summer and autumn, a lot of mud and leaves accumulate in the gutters. Before winter arrives, it would be wise to clean them, because if the water with minus degrees freezes in the gutters, frost damage (dents, cracks) may occur on the gutters or they may break completely. If mud and leaves has frozen together with moisture in the gutters and snow falls on it, creating a heavy load on the gutters. Which, in turn, can lead to the fasteners breaking or the gutter completely coming off the house. 


We offer cleaning of rainwater systems for companies, cooperatives and all property owners. In order not to fall off the roof or ladder, call professionals, because construction mountaineering and lifts are a daily part of our work. 

Cleaning prices depend on the height of the gutters from the ground and the complexity of the work to be done. Write for the best offer 

If you want to do the work yourself

If you want to do the work yourself, you should clean the gutter every year. Use safety equipment, watch how and where you put the ladder and don't leave things sloppy under the ladder. In case you fall. When working from the roof, you should be secured with safety ropes and braces. The black mossy roof is extreme slippery and dangerous, work from the roof should definitely be done in dry weather.

Ask for a quote and we will clean your gutters and eliminate blockages. 

Blockages and facade damage
  • Clogged pipes can break in freezing temperatures, gutter attachments can give way under the weight of a clogged gutter

  • In case of blockages, water flows over the edge of the gutter, during which the facade of the house can get dirty.

  • If the gutter has not been cleaned for a long time, it is difficult to remove the dirt

  • Gutters are home to birds, wasps and other pests

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