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Roof coating

  • Roof painting should be done first of all so that the roof material lasts longer

  • Before painting the roof, the roof must be donerepair work.

For example:

  1. Sealings​

  2. Replacement of broken roof tiles

  3. Eternite board replacement

  4. Removal of old useless antennas

  • It is applied to the roof minimum two or more layers of paint. Depending on the roof material and condition.

Metal roof painting

  • Roof washing

  • Repair work

  • Rust processing

  • Painting in two layers

The roof maintenance was carried out on time, so the amount of work was less than usual and at a lower cost.

Roof painting and repair.


Worth doing, if Your old roof is covered with moss, the color is faded or even broken. You don't always have to start thinking about installing a new roof right away. Painting the roof is a way to extend the life of the roof, because the roof paint gives the roof a protective layer that protects against UV radiation and weather conditions. It is enough to contact us and we will assess the condition of your roof. Restoring an old roof is more affordable than building a new one. With our help, you can get your roof in order and a new roof for many years.​

All types of roofs can be restored, there is a certain product for every roofing material. There are several different products for some roofing materials. If there are several different products for the roofing material, the prices for painting the roof vary according to the product with which you want to cover the roof. The price of painting the roof depends on the choice of product, the choice of the color of the roof, the height of the work to be done, the characteristics of the roof and the angle of inclination of the roof.

During the consultation, we help the customer find the best solution for his type of roof.​

For example, we can bring an ethernet roof here. The old asbestos roof is toxic, but very easy to process without harming health. There are several products with which the eternit roof is covered. The work is carried out in two to three days without interfering with daily life.The life of the roof is extended by 10 - 15 years, with early roof washing, we can extend this time even more. Regular maintenance and cleaning extends the life of both the roof and the house. 

We paint metal, stone, bitumenn-, pvc and asbestos roofs.​ Ask for a quote today.

Where to start?

Contact us. We will come to see and evaluate the condition of your roof and submit our offer accordingly

In most cases, the cost of the work depends on the roof area that is, the roof of square footage

Email us for the best offer, add some to our email pictures and we will contact you soon.

Or fill out our 

How are the works carried out?
  • We cover the necessary ones in the yard objects and things

  • We carry it to the roof moss control and we start cleaning the roof

  • On tope roof washing, if the roof is dry, we fix broken places; on eternite, stone, bitumen or tin. Each material has a different approach. If necessary, we replace broken stones, tiles, seal cracks, remove rust and prevent the spread of rust.

  • We apply primer to the roof. The primer color is different for different roof types. After that, at least two layers of paint are applied to the roof. Depending on  of the roof material. Some manufacturers' paint systems do not require a primer.

  • We are doing the cleaning and the roof is like new again.

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